Weather Outlook – Friday 8th October 2021

Weather Outlook – Thursday October 7th 2021

On Friday, you'll need your umbrella as spells of showers will prevail. If you're caught outdoors…

Weather Outlook – Wednesday October 6th 2021

There's currently a lull in tropical cyclone activity in the Atlantic basin due to Saharan dust…

Weather Outlook – Tuesday October 5th 2021

Yia-Loren tells us that the Alternative List of Storm Names will definitely be used this year.

Weather Outlook – Monday October 4th 2021

This week, we're looking at a mixture of dust haze and passing showers.

Weather Outlook – Friday October 1st 2021

An Adverse Weather Alert (Yellow Level) will be in effect from 11PM today to 6PM tomorrow,…

Weather Outlook – Thursday September 30th 2021

Tonight, Tobago will be clear and warm with a stray night-time shower. Tomorrow will be hot…

Weather Outlook – Wednesday September 29th 2021

Yia-Loren gives us an update on Hurricane Sam and the newest Tropical Storm, Victor.

Weather Outlook – Tuesday September 28th 2021

On Wednesday morning, hot, sunny conditions will greet most of Trinidad but that heating will spark…

Hurricane Season Update – Tuesday September 28th 2021

Meteorologist Ean Wallace has the Hurricane Season update.

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