MSDFS Partners With Angostura Limited To Provide Additional Support For Rodriguez Family

Minister of Social Development and Family Services, Senator Donna Cox, joined by CEO of Angostura Limited, Mr. Ian Forbes, presented household items to the Rodriguez/Burke family at the Housing Development Corporation’s Vieux Fort Housing Development Complex earlier today.

Among other things, household contributions included a washer/dryer combo, computer desk and a television. “One of the things that compelled me to rally with Ms. Jenille Rodriguez is her demonstration of resilience. Resilience is something that does not come easily but it is a trait which can be learned and practiced,” said Minister Cox as she commended Rodriguez for being a good example of strength for her children and other families facing similar challenges.

Speaking briefly during the presentation, Minister Cox stated that the additional support which has been provided by several other private sector entities and today’s brief exercise represents yet another gesture of goodwill to propel this family forward. This collaborative response by Angostura is indicative of the Government’s agenda in adopting a whole of Government approach to rendering assistance on one hand but also using the public/private partnership model to supplement when necessary.

Minister Cox also reassured Ms. Rodriguez and her family that the MSDFS remains committed to providing support services and relief in whatever way possible. In addition to the Ministry’s Rental Assistance grant for their HDC home, the Ministry’s Furniture Grant was also utilized to help furnish this home and offer Ms Rodriguez and her two children a level of comfort.

Speaking also, CEO of Angostura Limited, Mr. Ian Forbes indicated “It is Angostura’s pleasure to step forward and restore comfort in this time of need. I am hopeful that by stepping in, Angostura is signalling the right message to Corporate Trinidad and Tobago.”

Also in attendance were Executive Manager, Corporate Services, Angostura Limited, Mr. Rahim Mohammed and Public Relations and Hospitality Manager, Angostura Limited, Ms. Judy Kanhai.

Angostura CEO, Mr Ian Forbes, tells Ms. Rodriguez that it is Angostura’s pleasure to provide assistance to her family
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