NAMDEVCO Hosts Root Crop Flour Demos In Diego Martin

The National Agricultural Marketing and Development Corporation (NAMDEVCO) continued its “Total Local Cooking Demonstration” at the Diego Martin Farmers Market on Saturday.

Attendees sampled pancakes made from cassava and sweet potato, which were topped with guava syrup. Chefs demonstrated how to make the pancakes using the root crops, and even showed attendees how to make delicacies such as the barra for doubles.

MP for Diego Martin Central, Symon de Nobriga, congratulated NAMDEVCO for the initiative.

Other alternatives to flour such as green banana and green plantain flour were also on sale. Additionally, products such as sweetbread and cakes made with the root crops were available for purchase.

One attendee commented on the taste of the cassava pancake.

Founding Member of the annual Pigeon Peas Festival held in Diego Martin, Myrtle Joseph, said she makes and sells pigeon peas flour, and what can be termed as pigeon peas-infused products.

NAMDEVCO has hosted cooking demonstrations using root-crop flour at various farmers markets throughout the country.

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