TSTT Condemns Vandalism

TSTT Customers in South Trinidad were left without service for several hours on Sunday after vandals targeted the company’s underground cable at Cross Crossing in San Fernando.

Chief Executive Officer of the Telecommunications provider, Lisa Agard assured that all efforts were being made to restore service to customers adversely impacted by the malicious act.

In a statement, TSTT said a major act of vandalism overnight on a critical cable artery that services customers in South Trinidad resulted in customers’ mobile and internet services being severely impacted.

TSTT mobilised transmission, cable and splicing crews to isolate and repair the many fibre cables that were cut during the illegal act.

The company also deployed network and broadband engineers to rebuild a link that will offer an alternative route from the impacted area to the nearest interconnection point in order to normalise traffic across the network.

TSTT said it expected service to return to areas in the South such as Siparia, La Brea, Penal and Point Fortin by Sunday afternoon.

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