Illicit Items Recovered In The Northern Division

Quantities of illicit items, including cigarettes and alcoholic beverages, were seized by officers of the Multi-Agency Task Force during an anti-crime exercise conducted in the Northern Division on Wednesday.

During the exercise, the officers went to a supermarket located at Eastern Main Road in Tunapuna, where they conducted a search.

The search resulted in the discovery of 4,800 Navy Carnival cigarettes, 46 boxes of Big Bambu wrapping paper, one box of Hemp cigarettes, 10 defective surge protectors, 19 defective extension cords, 17 counterfeit Vick’s inhalers and six defective LED lights.

The party of officers then went to a mini-mart located at Green Street, Tunapuna, where they found 280 Zon King Size cigarettes, 200 Ultima cigarettes and 3 hundred and 14 bottles of assorted alcoholic beverages.

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