Republic Day As A Path To Self-Determination

Dike Rostant speaks with Professor Emerita Bridget Brereton about Republic Day as a path to self-determination

The Children’s Authority On Adoption

It is Adoption and Foster Care Awareness Month and In-depth with Dike Rostant throws the spotlight…

EU and T&T Relations

Discussing the connection between the European Union and Trinidad and Tobago.

Meal Prepping During A Pandemic

Registered Dietitian and Managing Director of "Keys To Wellness", Kezia Philip, joined us to discuss 'Nutrition…

In Depth With Dike Rostant – Domestic Violence Active Listener Training

Monique Augustine, Lead Facilitator in the Domestic Violence Active Listener Training, and Participant Alicia Hospedales, join…

In-Depth with Dike Rostant – Maintaining Healthy Lifestyles Within The Pandemic

Fitness expert Adrian Cordner discusses maintaining healthy lifestyles within the pandemic.

In-Depth With Dike Rostant – The Foster Care System

Foster Care Team Lead at the Children’s Authority, Anjuli Tewari-de Fague, looks at the foster care…

In-Depth With Dike Rostant – Tobago Heritage Festival

John Arnold, CEO Of The Tobago Heritage Festival, discusses the Tobago Heritage Festival.

In-Depth with Dike Rostant – Disaster Preparedness

The Chairman of the Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation, Kwasi Robinson, talks Disaster Preparedness.

In-Depth with Dike Rostant – The Green Fund

Community Liaison Officers at the Ministry of Planning and Development, Leslie Ann Dillon and Renako Osbourne,…