Post Cabinet Media Briefing – Thursday September 8th 2022

Minister of Communications, Symon de Nobriga, confirmed that the TT Government was officially informed of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. He conveyed sympathies and said official correspondence will be sent. He also confirmed that once funeral arrangements are finalised, T&T will be represented.

Education Minister Dr. Nyan Gadsby-Dolly stated that 147 infrastructural projects were conducted across various schools during the July/August period at a cost of $45 million. Currently, five projects are ongoing, and those schools will remain closed until next week. Three schools are closed for other problems (sewer, electrical etc).

Minister Gadsby-Dolly said the Ministry is dealing with ‘learning loss’ as a result of pandemic challenges. Among the initiatives to deal with learning loss, she said the Ministry will continue with the Vacation Revision Programme. In addition, the Ministry will be looking at 26 critical schools to give focus to the students there.

The Education Minister also gave an update on CSEC and CAPE results. She said Cabinet reviewed the results of students today.
CAPE: Compared to 2021, there was a slight increase in acceptable grades but a slight decrease in the quality of grades obtained.
CSEC: Slight decrease in both passing grades as well as the quality of the grades obtained.

Minister of Digital Transformation, Hassel Bacchus, said they using the appropriate technology to ensure digital transformation is successful. He said partnerships are being formed, especially with stakeholders in civil society (Blind Welfare Association, ALTA etc.) to ensure that people are not scared to use technology when the transformation occurs. He said no one will be left behind.

Minister Bacchus stated that there are four key meetings in this digital technology sector that officials have to attend in the next few months. The first is in London to discuss urgent matters affecting the Commonwealth, including the issue of ‘broadband for all.’ Another meeting is being held in Estonia. The TT Government and Estonia have already established an MOU for ICT assistance.

Minister of Communications, Symon de Nobriga, stated that issues identified by the Chairman of the Commission of Enquiry into the Paria Diving Tragedy are being taken care of. He said a budget was assigned and resources will be delivered/installed by tomorrow for the latest.

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