Weather Outlook – Thursday 23rd September 2021

Weather Outlook – Friday September 17th 2021

We had another day of Saharan dust. For those sensitive persons, Saturday will be just as…

Weather Outlook – Wednesday September 15th 2021

Dusty and hazy days lie ahead so if you are sensitive to Saharan dust, avoid over-exerting…

Weather Outlook – Tuesday September 14th 2021

The plume of Saharan dust approaching the Eastern Caribbean on Wednesday will likely linger through Friday.

Weather Outlook – Monday September 13th 2021

The Hurricane Season peaks mid-August to late-October and storm activity is picking up right on cue.

Weather Outlook – Friday September 10th 2021

Another Tropical Wave due on Monday will bring showers into early next week so remember your…

Weather Outlook – Thursday September 9th 2021

Saharan dust on Friday will give way to thundershowers by Sunday.

Weather Outlook – Wednesday September 8th 2021

The Saharan dust will remain overhead for the rest of this week, so take care.

Weather Outlook – Tuesday September 7th 2021

Expect Saharan dust to keep most showers away for the rest of the week.

Noon Weather – Friday September 3rd 2021

Trinidad and Tobago is on Yellow Alert for Adverse Weather. We have more from TTT Meteorologist…