Claxton Bay Residents Demand Relocation

Investigations into the cause of the Claxton Bay landslip are ongoing.

This, according to Minister of Social Development and Family Services, Senator Donna Cox as she and her technical team toured the Belview Road, Windsor Park, Claxton Bay area and visited the six affected families.

Member of Parliament for the area David Lee accompanied the Minister as she spoke to residents and viewed the extensive land slippage.

In offering some words of comfort to the families, Minister Cox promised to follow up with the Minister of Housing and Urban Development on her request for housing for the residents.

The Minister also noted that some persons may be eligible to access assistance through the Ministry’s Rental Assistance Programme, which, when granted, will cover rent for three months in the interim but can be extended to up to one year. In the interim, the affected families would receive counselling and psychosocial support from the National Family Services Division.

However, two distressed residents, though grateful for the offer of assistance, are still concerned about how this situation will be addressed in the long term. The Minister also pledged to work with the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries to coordinate and follow up on relief efforts to the affected households in the area.

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