Clean-Up Continues After Inclement Weather

Cleanup efforts are underway at the home of an El Carmen resident who lost his roof due to inclement weather and gusty winds on Friday.

Bobby Reesal’s entire galvanize structure landed in his yard and also at the side of his neighbour’s house.

He says as a temporary measure, he got assistance to put a tarpaulin over the house, but that did not last very long.
And with the continued inclement weather on Saturday, Mr. Reesal says it has been a stressful two days.

Meanwhile Mr. Reesal’s neighbour and others helped where they can to remove the galvanize sheeting and debris on Saturday, despite the continued rainfall.

Mr. Reesal says he has been assured by the Corporation and the National Self Help Commission, and is hoping for the best to conduct repairs on his home soon.

He is concerned though that the continuous rainfall could cause even more structural damage to his home.

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