Deadline To Withdraw Suspension Has Expired

The deadline given by Acting Police Commissioner Gary Griffith to the Police Service Commission, to withdraw a letter dated September 17th, advising that he cease from reporting for duty until further notice has passed.

On September 17th, the PSC served Griffith with a notice of suspension with immediate effect until further notice via e-mail. The PSC’s correspondence was signed by its Chairperson, Bliss Seepersad.

On Saturday, Acting Commissioner Griffith responded to the PSC’s letter, stating, there were no allegations or evidence against him and therefore demanded the letter be withdrawn immediately “on the ground that it is illegal, irrational and in breach of the rules of natural justice, null, void and of no legal effect.”

He gave a deadline for withdrawal of the letter as Noon September 19th.

The Acting Top Cop’s response also made reference to a letter dated September 1st, in which he was informed that the commission was investigating allegations of corruption in the issuance of Firearms Users Licenses and the handling of the reported incident at sea involving the head of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service’s legal unit.

Representing the Acting Commissioner in this matter are attorneys Senior Counsel Ramesh Lawrence. Maharaj, Larry Lalla, and Kristy Mohan. to challenge his suspension.

Mr Griffith’s term as Police Commissioner expired in August 2021.

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