Highlighting the Sustainability of the Local Cocoa Industry

From unique chocolate flavoured treats to skincare products, local cocoa entrepreneurs showed how unique and versatile cocoa, and all its by-products, can be to an appreciative local crowd.

The booking coordinator for the Santa Cruz Green Market, Anuska Robinson said one of the aims of the Festival is to highlight the sustainability of the local cocoa industry.

According to Trinidad and Tobago Fine Cocoa Company representative, Michael Baldwin, there has been an increased appreciation locally for cocoa products.

Founder of Mountain Pride and the Chocolate Bar Cafe, Astrida Saunders said Trinidad and Tobago’s cocoa industry can become the alternative to oil and gas, but greater assistance is needed to expose the industry internationally.

Despite the challenges of increasing prices for raw materials and the COVID-19 pandemic, Cocoa Dreams Estate co-owner Rouann Ali encouraged interested entrepreneurs to do their research and take a chance in the industry.

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