Key Points From The Press Conference Hosted By The Government Of T&T

  1. Continuation of rain from the current weather system has led to the significant saturation of soil.
  2. The passage of Hurricane Beryl will bring greater rainfall as it approaches overnight into the morning of July 1.
  3. The weather system is being closely monitored by the MET Office.
  4. Currently, Hurricane Beryl is 640 km to east of Tobago and moving westward with a slight northerly track at 35 km/h.
  5. With sustained winds at 215 km/h Hurricane Beryl is now considered a Category 4 hurricane on its way to make landfall in the Southern Caribbean.
  6. Tobago is now under Hurricane warning with a 60-80% probability that hurricane force winds will impact Tobago.
  7. St Vincent, St Lucia, Barbados and Grenada are also under hurricane watch with Grenada already declaring a state of emergency.
  8. The MET office declared it is record-breaking to have a Category 4 hurricane to move through the Windward Islands this early in the season, and the main message is to: prepare for a hyperactive hurricane season.
  9. National and governmental agencies, private sector and civic organizations have indicated their readiness.
  10. Public Utilities agencies (WASA, T&TEC, TSTT, Digicel, etc.) and the 14 Disaster Management Units have been mobilised to mitigate the impact on our water, electricity and phone service, and to quickly restore normalcy to utilities infrastructure post the passage of Beryl.
  11. Additionally, Trinidad and Tobago Solid Waste Management Company (SWMCOL) has been mobilised to assist in cleanup operations.
  12. All Ministries are working so that the public remains safe, prepared and informed.
  13. Citizens are advised to exercise self-preparedness and consult the official channels and websites of the MET Office, ODPM and all government agencies – as well as the LOCAL app – for legitimate updates.
  14. Citizens are advised to have Grab-and-Go bags prepared with canned foods, flashlights, essential documents in waterproof casing, and first aid kits. And to turn breakers off, check and clear drains, secure livestock, and prune any trees near their homes. If there is anything that any citizen cannot accomplish on their own, they are encouraged to contact their Regional Corporations and emergency responders.
  15. Sandbag distribution will also be at the Regional Corporations. A full listing of locations has been updated on the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government website.
  16. The main advisory is to avoid low-lying and flood-prone areas.
  17. Shelters and sites designated for parking are available for residents of low-lying and flood-prone areas.
  18. Public servants are still required to report for duty as the work week starts.
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