Labour Day 2024: PM Calls For Cooperation To Confront Emerging 21st Century Realities

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley says the Government stands as a willing partner with the Labour Movement, recognising that there are no adversaries, just different perspectives all in the mix for the further development of Trinidad and Tobago.

In his Labour Day message, the Prime Minister notes the labour movement faces some major challenges today, not only in this country but worldwide.

The Prime Minister points out the world of work is not only being re-calibrated but re-invented with a surge of corporate investment by major big tech companies, into generative Artificial Intelligence or AI. He says these emerging developments will have tremendous socio-economic implications for our own workplace. Prime Minister Rowley says it is only a matter of time before the present guardrails in the workplace are changed and generative AI, with its enormous capacity for data, pattern recognition, and automation capabilities, forces a new mix and style of work.

He says the real challenge for all stakeholders โ€“ management, government, labour โ€“ is to confront these and other emerging 21st-century realities with cooperation, respect, wisdom, and understanding.

Meanwhile, Minister of Labour, Stephen Mc Clashie, is inviting the Trade Union Movement to come back to the table in the spirit of “tripartism.”

In a statement, Minister Mc Clashie said although we are not at the greatest in our relationship, Trinidad and Tobago continues to enjoy Industrial Peace, thanks to the collective maturity of Government, Labour, and employers who recognise the importance of dialogue, difficult conversations, and hard decisions.

In 2021, the Trade Union Movement opted to leave the National Tripartite Advisory Council (NTAC) citing a lack of respect for the Labour Movement.

Minister Mc Clashie, in his statement, said the Trade Union Movement continues to demonstrate its mettle, strength, and determination by being the voice of the marginalised and vulnerable within the working class. He said in the face of challenges, workers have continued to show unwavering commitment to their duties, driving the economy forward and building a brighter future for all.

The Labour Minister saluted members of the Trade Union Movement who he said continue to advocate and stand in solidarity to demand that the rights of all workers be upheld in all spheres across this country.

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