Minister Deyalsingh Says Thanks To Frontline And Support Staff At The Augustus Long Hospital

Minister of Health, Terrence Deyalsingh, continued his week long visit to COVID-19 facilities.

This morning he was at the Augustus Long Hospital to personally express his gratitude to the hard working staff at that facility. Minister Deyalsingh extended Seasons greetings and presented staff with tokens of appreciation for their unstinting commitment and duty.

He said, “Its been almost two full years we have been fighting this virus and its variants, and through thick and thin, personal and public sacrifices you have been there for your patients, you’ve been there for Trinidad and Tobago, and I thank you on behalf of a grateful nation”.

Minister Deyalsingh along with the SWRHA CEO, Dr. Brian Armour, and his Executive presented tokens to the staff at that facility.

Minister Deyalsingh will continue to visit frontline and Support staff and at other COVID-19 facilities on Christmas and Boxing Days.

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