Minister Of Social Development Meets With Commissioner Of Police For Strategy To Help Hurting Families

Minister of Social Development and Family Services, Donna Cox, says our society today is reflective of broken and dysfunctional families.

She made the statement during a meeting on Tuesday with Commissioner of Police, Mc Donald Jacob, and a team from the TTPS.

According to Minister Cox, the frequency of violence in schools, domestic violence, suicides, murders, and other family issues related to mental health, stress, and other family challenges is evidence of broken and dysfunctional families. Commissioner Jacobs agreed on the need for synergy to deal with the social aspects of criminal behaviour in Trinidad and Tobago.

He made a brief presentation which highlighted statistics on gender based violence, murder, and suicides from 2017 to date. One statistic was related to persons over the age of 60 who were vulnerable to suicide and attempted suicide.

Both parties agreed on collaborative strategies to work closer to address the issues affecting families.

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