Paria Continues Operation To Find Four Missing Divers

Minister of Energy and Energy Industries, Stuart Young, has confirmed that he’s received a briefing on an incident involving four employees of a marine engineering company who were reported missing following a mishap during an underwater project at a berth operated by Paria Trading Co Ltd in Pointe-a-Pierre.

On Friday afternoon, five divers working for LMCS Limited, a diving company contracted to perform underwater maintenance work for Paria Fuel Trading Company Limited, were conducting an underwater maintenance exercise  when an incident took place, resulting in the divers going missing.

One of the divers has since been rescued. Reports are that he was taken to hospital where he remains in stable condition.

Minister Young, in a Twitter post on Saturday afternoon, said he was at the Paria facilities where he was updated on the matter and the current operations that were underway. He also met with the families of the missing divers, and said “our prayers remain with all involved.”

On Saturday, the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard indicated to TTT News that they are doing all they could to assist in locating the missing men.

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