PNM-Tobago Begins Screening Ahead Of THA Elections

As the race speeds up towards the Tobago House of Assembly elections, the Tobago arm of the People’s National Movement has begun their screening process.

On Monday, 12 PNM prospective candidates went before the Committee.

Lone nominees were: Marslyn Melville-Jack – Scarborough/Mt.Grace, Joel Jack – Bagatelle/Bacolet, Learie Paul -Plymouth/BlackRock, Kelvon Morris – Darrel Spring/Whim, Ancil Dennis – Buccoo/Mt. Pleasant, and new face to the political arena, Brian Thomas -Bethesda/Les Coteaux.

The party’s leader Tracy Davidson-Celestine was the final prospective candidate to be screened. She was also the lone nominee for Signal Hill/Patience Hill.

Mrs. Davidson-Celestine told TTT News the process will continue this week.

Meanwhile, the Innovative Democratic Alliance-IDA announced five of their candidates. Kay Trotman, Leroy George, Marlon Brizan, Keon Clarke, and Avernell Burris, via the party’s social media page. However, no information on the seats they will be contesting was provided. The IDA is led by Dr. Denise Tsoi-a-fatt Angus.

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