PNM Tobago: Legal Action Unnecessary

“Political agendas are no excuse for bad behaviour…”

This, as the People’s National Movement – Tobago Council responds to what they call “unacceptable” an attempt to malign the reputation of the Elections and Boundaries Commission by other political sides for “cheap points.”

The EBC’s report, which further divides electoral districts from 12 to 15, came under criticism from members of the Progressive Democratic Patriots and the United National Congress.

The Tobago Council said they welcome the opportunity to return to the polls after nine months of deadlock, saying the people of Tobago will not be kind to the UNC and PDP if they attempt to stymie the process. They noted that fresh elections are the only legal and democratic path to give the people power to decide the future direction of the island.

The Elections and Boundaries (Local Government and Tobago House of Assembly) Order 2021 was debated and passed in the Lower House on Wednesday.

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