Post-Cabinet Media Briefing – Thursday 3rd March, 2022

The Minister of Energy and Energy Industries, Stuart Young, confirmed that a five-member panel will be appointed to investigate the incident at Paria which left four LMCS divers dead. The members of the panel are:

  1. Shiv Sharma – Attorney & Chair of the Committee.
  2. Gregory Wilson – Professional Subsea Specialist with over 20 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry.
  3. A BP Representative.
  4. A Shell Representative.
  5. Eugene Tiah – oil and gas industry professional.

The Panel has been tasked to prepare a report within 45 days after their appointment, which should take place by next week. Their objectives include:

  1. To ascertain the scope of works by Paria for the exercise.
  2. To ascertain the proposed selection plan submitted by LMCS to conduct the works at the site.
  3. To examine policy, procedure and practices related to employees/organised labour for maintenance exercises.
  4. To identify the precise facts and circumstances which led up to and resulted in the loss of life.
  5. To examine all the decisions taken after it became clear that the five LMCS divers went missing.
  6. To investigate the nature, extent, application of any standing orders, policy considerations, legislation, or other instructions in dealing with the situation that gave rise to this incident.
  7. To identify whether Paria and LMCS employed sufficient safeguards and measures to ensure the safety of its contracted employees, property, and the prevention of the incident.
  8. To determine the adequacy and mechanical integrity of equipment utilised by LMCS.
  9. To determine the adequacy of LMCS’ plans which were utilised for the operation.
  10. To identify, whether by act or omission, any identified or unidentified party directly or indirectly caused loss of life.
  11. To examine the role played by Paria and LMCS through its respective units, individually and collectively, in dealing with this incident.

In other matters, Minister Young also said a decision was taken to appoint a Sub-Cabinet Committee to look at:

  • The state of TSTT.
  • Its purpose in an ever-changing world.
  • Provide recommendations to the Cabinet on TSTT’s future.

Along with Minister Young, the Ministers of Planning, Finance, Public Utilities, and Digital Transportation will form part of the Sub-Committee looking into TSTT.

Acting Minister of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs, Paula Gopee-Scoon, confirmed that the TT National in Ukraine and his wife are now safe in Hungary as they make their way to their final destination. She said T&T stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

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