President’s Christmas Message

President Paula-Mae Weekes is calling on citizens to spread Hope, Peace, Joy and Love long after the Christmas Season is over. In her Christmas Day Message to the nation, President Weekes says peace is the ability to maintain a state of harmony, tranquillity, serenity and calm amid the tumult of daily life.

She says happiness and joy may intersect but they are not one and the same. Happiness can be fickle and transitory, dependent on one’s current state of affairs while true joy is unshakeable and endures through trial and hardship.

President Weekes says the precious and priceless gifts of compassion, empathy, patience, presence and a listening ear are all demonstrations of love at no cost. And we can give these valuable gifts freely at Christmas and at every other opportunity all year through.

The President says in this Christmas season let us love each other freely, extravagantly, deeply and unconditionally, and may the seasons of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love continue long after the twelve days of Christmas are over.

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