Press Conference Hosted By Prime Minister Rowley

Key Points From the Press Conference Hosted by Prime Minister Rowley

  • Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley announced that if after a public health analysis of our situation and the potential of the virus, it is deemed that the wearing of the mask as a compulsory response is required in the near future, the Government will not hesitate to return to the mandate.
  • The Prime Minister while addressing the crime situation stated that the Police are convinced that the upsurge in crime is supported by shortcomings on the part of the state with respect to issues like illegal quarrying. He indicated that the state plans to take the relevant action to curtail and eliminate this facilitation.
  • Prime Minister Rowley also announced that it is the Government’s intention to declare violent crime as a public health issue. There will be an operationalized response to target the youth population at various levels and to begin a line of education to steer people away from crime and criminality.
  • The PM stated that Inflation in Trinidad and Tobago today, is just over 5% and that an early budget presentation is expected this year with the Minister of Finance set to give a comprehensive presentation on the country’s finances on September 2nd.
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