Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley’s Media Conference On COVID-19 – Saturday March 26th 2022

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley confirmed that after meeting with health officials, a decision was taken to remove most of the COVID-19 restrictions.

He stated that from Sunday March 27th 2022, TT Nationals coming home can now present a Negative Antigen Test instead of a PCR Test. Unvaccinated Non-Nationals will not be allowed into T&T at this time. However, the TT Travel Pass will remain in place at this time.

The Prime Minister also announced that there will be no limits on public gatherings from Monday April 4th 2022.

Safe Zone operations will be discontinued.

Mask wearing will continue in public places/public transportation except during physical sporting activity.

All restrictions for rivers and beaches will be removed from Monday 4th April, 2022.

Restrictions on nightclubs/parties/music/entertainment will also be removed from Monday April 4th 2022. PM Rowley urged patrons at these venues to exercise control. “The Government will not be out there with policemen saying, ‘turn off the music, get out the party.'”

The Prime Minister stated that children will be back out to school in April and the Education Minister will provide details in the coming week.

Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh confirmed that the Arima General Hospital will be decommissioned and no COVID-19 patients will be admitted there from Monday March 27th 2022.

The Tacarigua Step Down facility has also been decommissioned and the Debe Step Down facility will be decommissioned soon.

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