Prime Minister Rowley’s Indian Arrival Day Message

On the occasion of the one hundred and seventy-seventh anniversary of the arrival of the first indentured immigrants to Trinidad, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley believes that citizens, recognising their responsibilities, will confront this new world with their inner strength, elation and buoyancy.

In his Indian Arrival Day message, the Prime Minister says the world has evolved radically, in profound ways, from that colonial period to the future-smart, future-ready world of the 21st century, which is now being defined by such junctures as Pre Covid-19, and a Post-pandemic era with unfolding psycho-social effects.

He notes however that some analysts are holding out predictions of impending worldwide inflation, more food shortages, unsteady supply-chain situations, heightened fuel and energy prices, deteriorating climate changes, and a lengthening of the Russia-Ukraine war.

And this is in addition to the other challenges of crime, violence, human, drugs, arms, and ammunition trafficking in almost every part of the world.

The Prime Minister says as citizens, we must prepare ourselves, with the understanding that this nation cannot confront the coming challenges with divisiveness, and misinformation, designed to create political mischief and fears.

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