Savonetta Residents Hopeful For Compensation, Relocation

Two Savonetta residents are willing to accept any offer of relocation or compensation from e TecK after their agricultural crops were bulldozed earlier this month.

In early August, Carolyn McInroy and Agnes Warner witnessed the event along Joseph Drive in Savonetta and feared that their houses would also suffer a similar fate.

The residents, who are in the path of the proposed Phoenix Park Industrial Estate, have so far not been able to provide documents to support their claims that they have been living on the land for 20-plus years.

Couva South MP, Rudy Indarsingh ,along with Attorney Gerald Ramdeen, met with e TecK officials this month to discuss the matter with a view to possible compensation and relocation.

Meanwhile, Councillor for the area, Ramchand Rambal Maharaj, hopes the residents would be able to receive some form of compensation soon.

He says e TecK officials were expected to visit the site on Tuesday but reportedly turned back when media reached on the scene. The Councillor adds that more residents may also be in the path of the proposed construction and are awaiting a site visit from e Teck.

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