Supermarket Association : No Baby Formula Shortage

The Supermarket Association of Trinidad and Tobago (SATT) have taken note of shortages in baby formula particularly in North America, where acute factors have created the conditions for this unfortunate scenario to take place. Among these factors would have been recalls for certain product varieties and supply chain disruptions.
In keeping with industry’s best practice to address the rising concerns of any fallout that may lead to shortages where baby formula is concerned, SATT has sought assurance from the suppliers and importers of those products and the feedback received at this time is that no issue of shortage exists presently.

While some stock keeping units have been affected by recalls – which is a regular occurrence – the basis of the present stock position ensures that supermarket shelves continue to have sufficient options of baby formula for concerned parents during this period.
Ongoing concerns will linger where supply continues to be affected globally as has been the case during the period of the pandemic. However, SATT reminds customers given these global complexities including the war in Europe, that global supply and demand volatility continues to be deeply affected especially where the issue of shortages occurs. SATT wants to reassure consumers that the industry continues to work resolutely with all stakeholders to ensure a robust supply chain for all products.

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