The Pandemic And The Entertainment Sector

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced industries in several sectors to adapt in order to survive.

Producer Kenny Phillips and his team have been championing for the survival of calypso and soca industries since the beginning of the pandemic. In 2022, they have continued by pioneering the Wack Kalypso Kolisseum, a virtual space which will house calypso tents and pan sides over the Carnival Season. Mr. Phillips noted that this outlet is important for the continuity of the artform. He also noted that the calypso and soca artforms need to be encouraged to maintain sustainability outside of seasonal competitions.

Meanwhile, lively discussions have been held publicly about the likelihood of hosting Safe Zone Carnival events and one stakeholder has lent his voice to the discussion. Event Producer, DJ and Caribbean Ambassador, Private Ryan, said this is something that is possible and needs to be explored. He noted that the entertainment sector is the last to be considered for reopening with several persons out of a job for over two years.

The Prime Minister is expected to give his decision soon as to what form the festivities will take this year.

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