Tighter Security at Port of Spain General Hospital

In response to the shooting incident that took place at the Port of Spain General Hospital on Sunday, Minister of Health Terrence Deyalsingh and Chief Executive Officer of the NWRHA, Major Anthony Blake met with hospital staff and security personnel to discuss enhanced security measures at the premises.

A media release from the North West Regional Health Authority confirmed that security and police presence at the hospital have been significantly increased, with multiple checkpoints in place.

On Sunday, five individuals were brought to the Port of Spain General Hospital for treatment following a shooting in Gonzales, where two were pronounced dead on arrival. While medical staff were attending to the injured, several assailants, masked and clad in police tactical gear, entered the hospital armed with high-powered rifles and shot one of the patients. He subsequently succumbed to his injuries. A relative of the victim was also injured in the attack.

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