Tobago Company Loses Case Against THA

Tobago’s Division of Tourism and the Tobago Festivals Commission have won a matter in the High Court against Stage Solutions Limited and Elvis Radgman.

On Wednesday, High Court Judge Justice Robin Mohammed dismissed an injunction filed by Mr. Radgman.

Elvis Radgman, the Director of the company, is also the current Chief Executive Officer of the Tobago Performing Arts Company and a former member of the Tobago Jazz Experience Implementation Committee.

He sought injunctions to prevent the Festivals Commission and the Division from accepting services from any other company to provide lighting and equipment, stage and roofing, or LED screens for the 2023 Tobago Jazz Experience International Night.

The High Court found that the application was without merit as it did not disclose a cause of action and did not meet the legal hurdles required to obtain an injunction.

Mr. Radgman and Stage Solutions were ordered to pay the legal costs of the TFCL and the Division of Tourism.

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