TTPS: Port of Spain Business Owners Adhering To Safe Zone Regulations

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) is lauding the efforts of Port of Spain business owners for adhering to the Safe Zone requirements.

During an inspection exercise at nine restaurants and bars along Ariapita Avenue, Woodbrook, yesterday, the Port of Spain Division Safe Zone Inspection Unit detected one breach of a Safe Zone by a proprietor who was found to be operating at 90 per cent capacity. Currently, the safe zones are stipulated to operate at 50 per cent.

The proprietor was warned and issued a $25,000 fixed penalty notice.

This is the third fixed penalty notice to be issued to a business owner for such an offence. The first two tickets were issued to one operator at a Princes Town bar.

At the culmination of the exercise, which was executed from 12 noon to 9.15pm on November 3rd, police inspected nine business places, and the vaccination cards of 75 management and staff personnel, and 79 patrons.

Senior Superintendent of the Port of Spain Division, Terrance Nobbee, is assuring owners and patrons that the intent of the exercises is not to cause any inconveniences, but to ensure everyone’s safety. He said the inspection exercises are being supplemented by foot and mobile patrols, as the TTPS monitors and responds to the increase of the commercial activities with the lifting of regulations.

Snr Supt Nobbee said the Division will uphold the regulations set out by the Public Health Ordinance and will take a zero tolerance approach if the regulations are disregarded.

The TTPS is commending the Port of Spain restaurateurs and bar owners, and is encouraging their counterparts throughout the country to continue to adhere to the Public Health Regulations, as the country works together to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus and return, as close as possible, to our “normal” way of life.

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