TTT Limited CEO Falls Victim To Phishing Attack

TTT Limited’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Adrian Winter has been the victim of a phishing attack.

A statement from TTT Limited on Tuesday highlighted a fraudulent email that was sent out purporting to be from the CEO with the subject captioned “TTT Limited.” It said that this email is a phishing attempt and is not a legitimate communication from TTT Limited, or its CEO.

The statement noted the potential implications of this incident as it involves the unauthorised use of the company’s name and the CEO’s identity, and could lead to fraudulent activities or other malicious actions that could harm stakeholders. All media houses, stakeholders, and staff are being encouraged to be vigilant and verify the source of any email before responding or taking any action.

Some key signs of a phishing attempt include unusual email address or domain name, inconsistencies in the message content or formatting, requests for sensitive information or to take immediate action. If you have received this or a similar email, do not click on any of the links and delete it immediately.

TTT Limited said it is taking this matter seriously and is working with the relevant authorities to investigate this incident and prevent any further occurrences.

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