Using Technology To Protect Our Rainforests

There might be a way to protect the species that reside within our country’s forested areas and mangroves, such as the Caroni Swamp, from illegal activities by using technology.

Director of International Expansion at Rainforest Connection, Chrissy Durkin, said her company created a device, known as The Guardian, which uses sound to detect the presence of illegal activities in threatened regions.

Speaking during Day One of Huawei’s LATAM ICT 2022 Conference in Cancun, Mexico on Thursday, Ms. Durkin said habitat destruction and deforestation are the number one causes of planned animal extinction around the world.

The company has partnered with Huawei, which streams and captures the data in its cloud. Using artificial intelligence, the data is analysed to determine the level of threat.

Vice President of Regional Marketing Strategy at Huawei, Joaquín Saldaña, said it is possible to bring the technology to Trinidad and Tobago using an existing platform.

The Guardian is currently being used in 10 countries including Costa Rica and Mexico.

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