UWI Fete Champêtre On This Sunday

Continued financial assistance has led the UWI St. Augustine Campus to host one of its previously held annual events. It will take place on Sunday and is meant to raise funds specifically to go towards student bursaries and assist those in need of financial aid.

Chairman of the UWI Development and Endowment Fund, Dr. Sterling Frost, says during the pandemic, the Campus would’ve noticed an increase in the amount of students requiring financial aid. Due to this, the Campus is hosting a precursor to the 2023 UWI Fete, called, “Fete Champêtre or The Garden Party.” This will be held on Sunday from 2pm to 7pm.

Dr. Frost said in 2020, they commemorated 30 years of their iconic UWI ‘Fete for a Cause.’ He recalls these provided scholarships and bursaries to the tune of approximately $80 million and has facilitated the award of over 3,000 scholarships to those in need.

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