Acting WASA CEO Will Be Part Of Transformed Organisation

Public Utilities Minister Marvin Gonzales is refuting claims that WASA’s Acting CEO Kelvin Romain’s tenure at the organisation will be terminated.

Responding to a newspaper article, he said the words “axed” or “sent home” in reference to the Acting CEO are “patently untrue.”

Mr. Romain was appointed to act as WASA’s CEO in 2022 following the departure of Sherland Shepphard and pending the outcome of the WASA Board of Commissioners’ search for a new CEO to lead the transformation of the Authority.

Mr. Gonzales said the selection process is near completion and the appointment of a new WASA CEO is expected in the near future but he assured that once a new CEO is named, Mr. Romain would either revert to his substantive position or be reassigned to another leadership role within the organisation.

The Minister noted that there was never any question of him being separated from the organisation and apologised to Mr. Romain for the unfortunate embarrassment of being wrongfully humiliated.

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