Weather Outlook – Friday April 19th 2024

After today’s showers in a couple areas, watch for street/flash flooding and gusty winds. Also there…

Weather Outlook – Wednesday February 28th 2024

Dust haze lingers in the air but we are looking forward to some relief showers at…

Weather Outlook – Tuesday February 27th 2024

We’ve had quite the concentration of dust around so we look forward to the relief showers…

Afternoon Weather – Tuesday February 27th 2024

Meteorologist Ean Wallace has the Afternoon Weather Update.

Weather Outlook – Monday February 26th 2024

We can expect a mild to moderate concentration of Saharan Dust for Trinidad and Tobago. Lingering…

Weather Outlook – Friday February 23rd 2024

The Saharan dust this weekend will cause problems for those with respiratory issues so be prepared.

Weather Outlook – Thursday February 22nd 2024

There is significant Saharan Dust moving across the Central Tropical Atlantic. This dense dust plume is…

Weather Outlook – Wednesday February 21st 2024

Mostly fair skies expected on Thursday, though with the low chance of the odd shower.

Weather Outlook – Tuesday February 20th 2024

The 2024 Dry Season is expected to be warmer than average so remember to conserve water.

Afternoon Weather – Tuesday February 20th 2024

Meteorologist Ean Wallace has the Afternoon Weather Update.

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