Weather Outlook – Tuesday October 5th 2021

Yia-Loren tells us that the Alternative List of Storm Names will definitely be used this year.

Weather Outlook – Friday October 1st 2021

An Adverse Weather Alert (Yellow Level) will be in effect from 11PM today to 6PM tomorrow,…

Weather Outlook – Thursday September 30th 2021

Tonight, Tobago will be clear and warm with a stray night-time shower. Tomorrow will be hot…

Weather Outlook – Wednesday September 29th 2021

Yia-Loren gives us an update on Hurricane Sam and the newest Tropical Storm, Victor.

Weather Outlook – Tuesday September 28th 2021

On Wednesday morning, hot, sunny conditions will greet most of Trinidad but that heating will spark…

Hurricane Season Update – Tuesday September 28th 2021

Meteorologist Ean Wallace has the Hurricane Season update.

Weather Outlook – Monday September 27th 2021

Following today's thunderstorms, remember to be safe - when thunder roars, go indoors!

Protecting Our Animals During Intense Heat

"We must be our animal's keeper," says animal activist Elspeth Duncan.

Hot Days Ahead For Trinidad and Tobago

Are you feeling the heat? Our Meteorologist, Ean Wallace tells us it's not unusual to experience…

Weather Outlook – Friday 24th September 2021

We still have a hazardous sea alert for boaters, Sam is now a strengthening Hurricane, and…

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