Challenges Preventing Students From Taking Advantage Of Vacation Revision Programme

The Head of the Concerned Parents Movement, Clarence Mendoza, says there are several reasons students may not be attending the Vacation Revision Programme.

The one month programme was initiated by the Education Ministry to aid students who had scored under 50% in the Secondary Entrance Assessment Exam. It intends to help better their knowledge of Mathematics and English Language before the new school term begins and they enter Form One.

Mr. Mendoza reasons that some of the issues stopping parents from sending their children to the programme are spillovers from the Covid-19 pandemic.

He claims transportation is another concern some parents have raised for not sending their children to the revision classes.

On Monday July 18th, when the Vacation Revision Programme started, less than 2,000 students attended. However, 9,000 students were eligible to attend the programme.

Education Minister Dr. Nyan Gadsby-Dolly later stated that it would be unrealistic to think all the students would enter the programme. She pointed out that some parents may prefer sending their children for private lessons.

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