Clamping Down On “Aggressive” Baby Formula Marketing

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) says it stands ready to further support this country’s efforts to legislate, regulate, and enforce the International Code of Marketing of breast-milk substitutes.

Speaking at a Conference to commemorate International Breast-Feeding Week, PAHO/WHO Representative for T&T, Dr. Erica Wheeler, says the aggressive marketing of formula milk globally is relentless, and is in violation of the Internal Code of Marketing.

She reiterates that breastmilk is the baby’s first vaccine as it contains antibodies that protect them from common childhood illnesses.

Dr. Wheeler believes breast-milk substitutes should be available when needed, but not promoted, adding that the marketing of formula has discouraged women from breastfeeding.

Meanwhile, Manager of the National Breast Feeding Coordinating Unit, Debra Thomas, is hopeful they can reach their targets in the next few years, despite some setbacks.
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