Chief Secretary Remains Quiet On Leaked Audio

Chief Secretary Farley Augustine and Assemblyman Zorisha Hackett have remained silent on a leaked audio, purporting to be a conversation between the two which has sparked talks in Tobago.

On Wednesday and Thursday, TTT reached out to Mr. Augustine and Ms. Hackett for a comment on the matter. However up to news time, neither of them responded. The audio circulated on social media includes an alleged conversation in which Mr. Augustine and Ms. Hackett were discussing a plan to provide Tobago House of Assembly jobs for their supporters in exchange for them spreading propaganda through fake social media profiles. The individual, allegedly Mr. Augustine stated the aim is to shape the narrative.

People’s National Movement’s Tobago Council Leader Ancil Dennis has described the alleged conversation as brazen and blatant corruption. PNM Senator Lawrence Hislop called on the two Assemblymen to clear the air adding that Tobagonians deserve answers.

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