DSS Founder Wins Case Against Police, $$ To Be Returned

Drug Sou Sou Founder, Kerron Clarke, has won a case against the police in court.

On Tuesday, an Arima Magistrate denied the police an extension on keeping $40,000 seized when the founder was arrested. The order, given by Magistrate Indar Jagroo, is the second related to money seized by police in the investigations into alleged money laundering involving DSS that had to be returned.

It was in June that Magistrate Brambhanan Dubay denied police an extension on keeping $64,935, which they seized in February from hairdresser Cindy Brooks. Part of the money, she said, was from her “hand” from DSS.

Magistrate Jagroo, in his ruling, said that there was insufficient evidence to allow the further detention of the money and denied the police application which was made on September 21st.

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