Heritage Responds To Condensate Leak In Barrackpore

The Heritage Petroleum Company has responded promptly with clean-up activity following reports of a condensate leak in the vicinity of Rochard Douglas Road, Barrackpore on Thursday.

Company officials went to the site and found that the leak was coming from a 6-inch trunk pipeline running from Balata East Field to Barrackpore Tank Farm.

The pipeline was immediately isolated and clamped.

Heritage mobilised all available resources including specialised response contractors to clean the affected area.

Residents were informed of the clean-up efforts and Heritage Operational and Community Liaisons were on site to give guidelines, share information and offer support.

The public is advised that there are traffic restrictions in the immediate vicinity of Rochard Douglas Road, Barrackpore.

The company notified the Ministry of Energy and all other regulatory agencies including the EMA and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

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