Joint Press Conference Hosted By PM Rowley and Prime Minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness

Jamaica Prime Minister Andrew Holness expressed pleasure to be in T&T as he considers this country “home” with both family and friends here. He said aside from his visit being in recognition of T&T’s 60th Anniversary of Independence, it was also designed to bring cooperation between both countries closer.

Prime Minister Holness confirmed that T&T and Jamaica signed a Memorandum of Understanding on enhanced cooperation to improved trade relations today.

Discussions were also held on the structured and free movement of labour.

The issue of National Security was looked at from “a multidimensional perspective,” including cyber security as well as crime and violence.

On discussions on crime and violence, Prime Minister Holness stated that “there is a commonality which we observed” as he noted that Prime Minister Rowley has been speaking on this matter, including his declaration that violence is a public health issue. He said a similar view is expressed in Jamaica as well.

PM Holness reported that discussions were also held in culture, sport, music, Carnival, and athletics and both countries have agreed to collaborate in these areas. Jamaica will be inviting TT schools to participate in some of their sporting competitions.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Rowley said it is his hope that the TT population would view Jamaican investment as always welcomed, as Jamaica also welcomes T&T investment.

On trade relations with Jamaica, the Prime Minister stated that on a scale of 0-10, we are at an 8 now.

Prime Minister Rowley apologised for the absence of Trade Minister Paula Gopee-Scoon at today’s talks with the Jamaica Prime Minister as she is in isolation after contracting COVID-19. He said Minister Gopee-Scoon had been driving the process.

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