Media Conference Hosted By Minister of Rural Development and Local Government Faris Al-Rawi – Sunday November 27th 2022

Minister of Rural Development and Local Government, Faris Al-Rawi, said his Ministry received reports of 67 significant flood events (39 subsiding), 106 major landslips (41 already attended to), 31 fallen trees (28 already attended to). He also confirmed that 3,140 sandbags, 43 mattresses, and 19 coverings were distributed today.

Minister Al-Rawi stated that all areas are under general watch and management, and First Responders along with members of the Disaster Management Units at the various Regional Corporations are on the ground and have assisted, including with evacuations, when called upon. Shelters have opened, and temporary housing have been arranged for displaced persons.

  • The Manzanilla Mayaro Road is closed due to road failure.
  • The Lady Young Road is closed due to landslips.

Minister Al-Rawi said information from the Met Services indicate that rainfall will continue. He urged citizens to monitor information from the TT Met and secure themselves.

Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan said with all the challenges around, officials are maintaining connectivity to the best of their ability. He urged citizens not to venture into roads that are impassable and to stay off the road network and only venture out if necessary as heavy equipment will be traversing the roads at this time in a bid to clear areas.

Minister Sinanan stated that the Lady Young Road was cleared last night of landslips, but several occurred overnight. As such the Lady Young Road remains closed.

Public Utilities Minister Marvin Gonzales said several residents in Central and North East Trinidad, and in Tobago were without electricity and T&TEC Field Officers were deployed to restore electricity. However, widespread flooding and landslips delayed responses in some areas.

T&TEC was also able to utilise drone technology and special vehicles to respond to some areas that were without electricity.

The Grande Riviere/Matelot area is completely cut off due to road conditions. T&TEC is unable to restore electricity supply to the area at this time.

Minister Gonzales confirmed that WASA Plants in North East and Central Trinidad, and Tobago have been impacted by the adverse weather. These plants have been shut down until river conditions clear up.

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