Netball Manager And Assistant Fired

This country’s senior netball team’s manager and Assistant / interim coach have been relieved of their duties by the board of the Trinidad and Tobago Netball Association.

Meanwhile TTT Sports reached out to Ms. Legalle who responded with the following statement :

  1. I do not know what are the reason for my termination As you can see in the letter
  2. I have copies of my report which were submitted and my recommendations are clearly identified. I don’t know if the lack of recommendations to the issues referred to in the letter are about JA.
  3. I am exploring all legal options because my termination was unjust and unfair and I will not allow the TTNA to defame our character.
  4. This is not a fight. It is simply that better needs to be done for other persons who may follow after. For the actions taken can sound that you no longer wish to work with us in the future. What message do you think is being sent by what has occurred.
    Netball is too beautiful of a sport for this to be happening.
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