Relief For Residents Of La Fortune Pluck Road

Residents of La Fortune Pluck Road and San Francique Road can now look forward to relief from the landslips in their areas as the Ministry of Works and Transport advises that approval was recently received to award contracts to begin construction works on five (5) significant landslips in these areas.

Two (2) of the contracts are for construction works at:

1. L24 La Fortune Pluck Road 0.2km LP #175

2. L25 La Fortune Pluck Road 0.3km LP #173-75

The remaining three (3) contracts will address landslips in the San Francique area and are in various stages of project development.

Senator Rohan Sinanan, Minister of Works and Transport, accompanied by a team from the Ministry visited the Woodland area to tour the landslips and also spoke with the residents of the area who are affected by the ongoing formation of these landslips.

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