Road Rehabilitation Programme Continues In Arouca/Maloney Constituency

Workers from the road patching crew of the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) were out in full force to continue the Road Rehabilitation Programme in the Arouca/Maloney Constituency today.

According to MP Camille Robinson-Regis, today’s exercise continues from the work in the last quarter of 2021, and will extend throughout the entire constituency of Arouca/Maloney.

Among the streets patched in Maloney were Penguin Crescent, Toucan Crescent, Canary and Swallow Lanes, Maloney Boulevard, and Peacock Lane.

Mrs. Robinson-Regis thanked the Chairman of the Tunupuna/Piarco Regional Corporation, the CEO and staff at the WASA, Mr. Stephan Wattley, Councillor for the Electoral District of Mausica/Maloney, and Ms. Tricia Goden, Office Manager of the MP’s Constituency Office and the Staff of the Office.

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