Street Named After National Theatre Icon James Lee Wah

A street in the City of San Fernando has been named in recognition of the life and contributions of National Theatre icon James Lee Wah.

The unveiling took place on Thursday following a brief ceremony at Soong’s Great Wall restaurant.

Lee Wah, a former Vice Principal of Naparima College, was a nationally recognised Dramatic Arts Director, Actor, and Promoter who passed away on July 4th 2020 at the age of 89.

President of the Greater San Fernando Area Chamber of Commerce, Kiran Singh, said he was one of Mr. Lee Wah’s past students at Naparima College, and added that Mr. Lee Wah’s legacy must be honoured.

San Fernando-born Lee Wah once led the San Fernando Drama Guild, co-founded the San Fernando Theatre Arts Workshop, and founded the San Fernando Arts Council.

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