TRHA Concludes Probe Into Death Of Mom And Newborn

The Tobago Regional Health Authority has concluded their investigations into the deaths of 27 year old Nadea Shangie and her newborn baby which was reported on May 15th.

In a release on Monday, the Division of Health, Wellness and Social Protection stated the findings revealed that the doctors, nurses, midwives and other staff involved, categorically and undeniably, did everything possible to save Nadea’s life.

The release added that the staff of the TRHA observed all the appropriate clinical pathways in providing emergency care. It was also stated that a meeting was held with the family together with the woman’s private doctor outlining the findings. The Division later sent out another release urging pregnant women to ensure that antenatal care is received which they noted is available at the TRHA’s facilities.

Ms Shangie who was also an employee of the TRHA as a clerical assistant was laid to rest on Saturday.

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