UNC : Charges Against MP David Lee, “Spurious”

The United National Congress has thrown its full support behind Member of Parliament David Lee, who was on Friday charged for misbehaviour in public office, conspiracy to defraud.

In a statement issued by the Opposition, it said the party is aware of what it deemed spurious and trumped up charges concerning the MP David, adding that it is a deliberate and calculated move.

Mr Lee also issued a personal statement on Saturday saying the allegations against him are false.

On Friday, Mr. Lee, the member of Parliament for Pointe-a-Pierre was detained and brought before a justice of the peace, and charged.
He was released after being given one million dollars bail.
The charges are said to be in connection with the purchase of a $2.3 million Mercedes-Benz and whether the $1.4 million in tax exemptions derived may have benefited a party financier.

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