Unity Of The People To Contest Five Seats In Upcoming THA Elections

The Unity of the People says it will be contesting five seats in the upcoming Tobago House of Assembly elections.

On Friday, the party’s Leader Nkocy Phillips announced his intention to throw his hat into the ring again despite being unsuccessful during previous elections. The party’s nomination process begins on September 20th, and they plan to contest the Buccoo/Mt. Pleasant, Bethel/New Grange, Lambeau/Lowlands, Bagatelle/Bacolet, and Bon Accord/Crown Point seats.

So far 4 political parties have stated they will be contesting the THA elections. The people’s National movement, The Progressive Democratic Patriots, the Innovative Democratic Alliance and the Unity of the People.

On Wednesday The Draft Report of the EBC – Local Government and Tobago House of Assembly – Order, 2021 was passed in the Lower House, making way for fresh elections, once the order is proclaimed by the President.

The EBC Order increases Tobago’s 12 THA seats to 15, with three additional seats in Lambeau/Lowlands, Darryl Spring/Whim and Mt. St. George/Goodwood.

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